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How to enable Full Screen on Play?

How to enable Full Screen on Play

The Fullscreen on Play feature already has the self-explanatory name, when the student press play on a video, that video will be in fullscreen format.

Where it is?

Look how easy it is to find. On your dashboard, select the video you want to apply this feature to, after configuring the video, but before copying the embed, note that there is an option called "Enter full screen (Fullscream) when starting". This option activates this function for that specific video. As shown in the screenshot below.

Full Screen on Play

Important to know: This function works for both videos and lives where it can be configured with just a few clicks as seen above.

Does it work with all platforms?

Well, it will depend on the platform, after all, not all platforms accept JavaScript scripts being inserted directly into their code.

It is also not recommended to use on member platforms because of the possibility of compatibility of this feature. In any case, we have several pre-made embed codes available on our platform for different platforms, if your platform does not have this option, we recommend that you do not use it without a previous test.

On which devices does this function work?

In addition to working on the computer, this function is also available for cell phones.

Open natively: In this way, the difference is in Mobile, when you open Fullscreen, it opens the native player and with that the user loses some functionality such as the fictitious progress bar, but does not need to include any JavaScript code.

Open 100%: In this way, it will always open Fullscreen on Play and will have all the features of the player, but for that it will be necessary to put a JavasScript code together with the Embed code. This option is not available for member pages.

Got any questions?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do everything possible to resolve your doubts or difficulties. Still not using Panda Video? In case you still don't know, both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you're interested, take a look at our plans, that way, you can see a plan that makes sense for you and that way you can also be part of Panda Video. 🐼

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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