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How to live on Panda?

Understand the step by step of how to do live streaming on our platform

Hello how are you? Today I will explain you how to start your own Live Streaming on the Panda Video platform.
Live Streaming is a broadcast that is made live to different viewers in order to transmit any type of information that is needed.

How to start a Live in Panda Video?

Well we prepared this documentation to serve as a step by step teaching how to make a Live.

After logging in you must go to "Live" in the left menu of the Dashboard.
On the right side there will be a button with a " + ", you must click there to open a Live.

Live Location

In this new screen that will open, some basic settings must be applied for the operation of your Live Streaming, they are these:

Put the title you want in your Live, after the end of the Live it will be saved as a video in your Dashboard.
Schedule the start of your Live (This way you must enter the date and time you want to start the Live) or Enter Live, which starts the Live at the same time.
After that, just configure other quality options if you are interested in broadcasting the Live.

In the Transmission settings you must copy the "Stream URL" and the "Stream Key" and paste it in your OBS Studio settings, or any other Streaming application.
In the OBS or application of preference you must go to the transmission settings, and enter both the "Stream URL" and the "Stream Key", note, because the Stream URL can be called server.

After configuring the transmission application, you must copy the embed code, located on the upper right side, and paste this same code on the page you want to transmit.

What are the additionals for transmission of diversified qualities?

It is only a small fee charged if you are interested in streaming in different qualities, for example if you want to stream a video in 1080p (FullHD), but would like to have it also in 720p and/or 480p resolution for just an additional R$0, 16/min each.

Updated on: 08/15/2022

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