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How do Analytics metrics work in Panda Video?

Understand how our Analytics metrics work

Analyzing the performance of your video is crucial, particularly for sales pages. With that in mind, we created this article to help you better understand the metrics of your videos hosted on Panda.

Let's use the image below as an example:

Analytics Dashboard

We have 5 benchmarks: views, unique views, total plays, and total unique plays.

VIEWS: Quantity of video views (player display) before a person presses "Play". It's like a "page-view" of the video, when it's embedded on a webpage.

UNIQUE VIEWS: Different people (browsers) within a 24-hour period who activated the view metric;

TOTAL PLAYS: Number of video plays, where users pressed "Play" and effectively started playing the video. In the case of Smart Autoplay, it's only considered when the user watches the video with sound.

TOTAL UNIQUE PLAYS: It's the count of how many times the video was played by different users (browsers), even if the video is watched more than once, it will only count once in this metric;

PLAYRATE: It's the ratio of unique plays to unique views.

You can also see the retention of your video (see how long it was watched) by going to the Metrics Menu.

See how many people are watching your video in Real Time

In addition to the previous screenshot, we offer the option to track the most frequently used devices, browsers, locations, and references, providing you with more data to create a more effective strategy.

Moreover, we also provide real-time monitoring of the number of people watching your video. Please note that the analytics graph for your account (found in the side menu) is only updated the following day. Some people have mistaken this page for the video's metrics page (Video > Metrics), which we are also working on. However, it's always a good idea to double-check which page the user is accessing.

Real-time map

It's common to see gaps in the graph displaying video retention and page views due to various factors, such as the "resume where you left off" feature, poor internet connection, and other issues. In order to make informed decisions, we provide a retention graph (displayed in blue) that indicates the percentage of viewers who stop watching the video at different points in time. The view graph is provided for curiosity purposes only. For more information on retention metrics, please refer to the following article.

The use of adblockers can have an impact on the analytics of our platform, both in the dashboard and in the video itself. It's not uncommon for our metrics to indicate fewer views compared to the metrics provided by Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, as adblockers can prevent our platform from fully loading on a user's device. This can result in a failure to load, a bad connection, or simply the adblocker preventing the platform from tracking the user's activity. If you notice a significant difference in the metrics between our platform and external tracking tools, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Got any questions?

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Updated on: 04/18/2023

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