Understand how our Analytics metrics work

Seeing how your video is performing is critical, especially for videos on sales pages. With that in mind, we developed this article to help you better understand the metrics of your video hosted here at Panda.

Let's use the image below as an example:

Analytics Dashboard

We have 4 benchmarks: views, unique views, total plays and total unique plays.

VIEWS: It is the total number of times the page that your video is on was loaded (without necessarily watching the video);

UNIQUE VIEWS: It is the number of different users who have accessed the page where the video is. Even if the user has accessed more than once, he will only consider one;

TOTAL PLAYS: Total number of times the video was played;

TOTAL UNIQUE PLAYS: It is the count of how many times the video was played by different users, even if the video is watched more than once, it will only count once in this metric;

You can also see your video retention (see how long it was watched) by going to the Metrics Menu.

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