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How do Analytics metrics work in Panda Video?

Understand how our Analytics metrics work

Seeing how your video is performing is critical, especially with videos on sales pages. With that in mind, we developed this article to help you better understand the metrics of your video hosted here at Panda.

Let's use the image below as an example:

Analytics Dashboard

We have 4 benchmarks: views, unique views, total plays, and total unique plays.

VIEWS: It is the total number of times the page where your video is loaded (without necessarily watching the video);

UNIQUE VIEWS: It is the amount of different users that access the page where the video is. Even if the user has accessed more than once, it will only consider one;

TOTAL PLAYS: Total number of times the video was played;

TOTAL UNIQUE PLAYS: It is the count of how many times the video was played by different users, even if the video is watched more than once, it will only count once in this metric;

You can also see the retention of your video (see how long it was watched) by going to the Metrics Menu.

See how many people are watching your video in Real Time

In addition, as shown in the previous print, we provide the possibility of mapping the devices that are most used, browsers, locations and possible references so that you have much more data to assemble your strategy. Another really cool thing we offer is the possibility to look at how many people are watching your video in real time as shown below. The account's analytics graph (the one on the side menu) is only updated the next day, some people are confusing this page with the video's metrics (Video > Metrics) and we're already achieving that, but for now it's good to always check which page the person is selling.

Real-time map

It is common to see some "holes" in the video retention page view graph. This is due to several factors, the video may have resume where it left off enabled, the user may have a bad connection, etc. That's why we have the retention graph (in blue) that indicates, through a calculation on the visualization, where people are abandoning the video (in percentage), this is better to be used in decision making. We have the views graph together just out of curiosity. If you want to know more about retention metrics, take a look at this article.

The use of adblock can cause some problems in the analytics part, both in the dashboard and in the video itself.
It is common for our metrics to indicate a little less views than the FB Pixel/GA of the page, as it is another load within the page, this could be caused by a load failure/adblock/bad connection, if this difference is too big you can call me to check.

Any difficulty or doubt, just contact us through support and we will help you.

Updated on: 12/28/2022

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