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How does the video storage space work?

Video storage

Storage, or storage, is the space available for your videos to be hosted with Panda. It's important to say that when uploading a video, we need to save the different quality versions of it, so users can watch it in different ways depending on their Internet connection speed.

Our plans are based on storage (used space) and traffic. Read more about how traffic works in plans.

For example, assuming you upload a video in 1080p, we will have to generate the different versions of the video such as 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. It is important to say that no upscale is done, if a 720p video is uploaded, the qualities generated are up to 720p. It is also worth mentioning that, by default, all accounts have 1080p as maximum quality. It is possible to enable up to 4K if the original file has this quality.

In this way, a 1080p file uploaded should take up a few times more of the original storage.

Uploaded videos need to be converted into multiple formats

The consumption of people who watch the video of each of the formats counts towards the plan traffic.

Very slow connections: 240p and 360p
Mobile connections: 480p
Broadband: 720p, 1080p or greater

It is important to say that the speeds of the connections above are not mandatory for each type of connection, because even in a broadband connection, the connection can be congested and the player adapts according to the available bandwidth of the user.


The different formats are necessary because, in the player, the user can modify the quality watched. The quality is also chosen automatically depending on the user's Internet connection speed. This is done automatically by the player to adapt to the best conditions.

The HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol, used by Panda to transmit the videos, is highly resilient in terms of latency, so providing different qualities is essential for a good user experience. This also serves for a good performance in autoplay, widely used in sales.


The generated images are used to show thumbnail (cover image, which can be changed, even) in addition to other parts of the video as a progress bar that shows parts of the video.

Transparency in data storage

Our goal is to provide transparency in data storage and show, in fact, the amount of data used. In this way, we are able to accurately measure our cost to pass on the best possible price for hosting the videos and the various "assets" that accompany them.

How to take up less space?

We understand that the best use of available space is an important point to avoid unnecessary expenses. Anyway, the size of the video depends on several factors, mainly, quality, amount of colors and time. A video with a simple powerpoint presentation doesn't have many color variations, so it is possible to do a much higher compression than a video filmed in motion.

One possibility is to disable some minor qualities like 240p and 360p but users with poor connection quality may have problems viewing their video, anyway there are users who disable even 1080p because they find 720p (HD) enough.

Got any questions?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do everything possible to resolve your doubts or difficulties. Still not using Panda Video? In case you still don't know, both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you're interested, take a look at our plans, that way, you can see a plan that makes sense for you and that way you can also be part of Panda Videos . 🐼

Updated on: 04/20/2023

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