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How to watch Panda videos in offline mode?

How to make the video available offline?

It is important to say that, for security reasons, we do not make it available to download the MP4 file in an open way. This is an important feature to consider if you want to protect your content. In some services, as we already mentioned in Vimeo's lack of security, it is simple (even too much) to access and download the MP4 file and make it available within an application to its users.

The MP4 file (original) can be downloaded through the API, but it should never be used to make the download available to your user. This should not be done as your API Key must be kept securely. Anyone with access to your key can run other API commands to manage your video library. Therefore, the API Key should not be placed in frontend or mobile applications as it is possible to read this information even if it is the compiled binary.

What is the safe way to make the video available offline?

The best way is by accessing the streaming HLS file itself. In this way your application will download the video file that is already available to the public, with the possibility of properly reading the best quality among other things, as explained how traffic and storage.

We won't go into details on how to do this on Android or IOS, but some links below will help you better understand how to do it:

Discover how to download and play HLS offline - WWDC 2020
Exoplayer Download HLS

Therefore, it is important to consider that the download solution, combined with Panda's DRM (where the user ID will be present in parts of the video), is a safe alternative to provide the convenience of offline content.

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Updated on: 04/11/2023

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