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Traffic limit during the trial period

Trial Period: How does traffic work?

Our plans have traffic limits which is the data that is consumed by the people who view the videos. The storage is the amount of data (videos) hosted on our servers. When registering with Panda, the account is in a trial period (called trial) where no charge is made. This period is ideal for transferring videos from another platform to Panda or organizing platform migration.

During the trial period, we limit the amount of traffic so that no abuse is done.

Unfortunately, we've already had issues with heavily trafficked sales pages that took advantage of the trial period. Therefore, we decided to fairly limit the amount of traffic available during this period.

If you decide to interrupt the trial period and start the normal flow, the amount of traffic is released and payment is made on the registered card.

During the trial period, only traffic is limited. Storage has no limit within the space available in the plan (or purchase of additional space).

Got any questions?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do everything possible to resolve your doubts or difficulties. Still not using Panda Video? In case you still don't know, both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you're interested, take a look at our plans, that way, you can see a plan that makes sense for you and that way you can also be part of Panda Videos . 🐼

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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