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How does the retention graph work?

How does it work and what is the retention graph?

The retention graph serves to point out how long your video can retain users, showing where you have the highest video output rate. In this way, we believe that it will be possible to have greater control over your content and, as always, to improve it for a better performance with the public.

How does the retention graph work?

The video will be divided into 10 parts, that is, for every 10% progression of the video's total size, an event will be issued to your dashboard, where all users who watched or left the video at that moment will be counted. In addition, it will make a calculation based on the total number of people who watched the video, for example:

Let's say 10 people started watching the video and stayed in the first 10% of the video, then the graph will show that 10% of the video as 100% watched, because everyone who started watched that beginning.

But in the 40% of the video, 4 people left that video, so your retention so far is 60%. That way, you'll be able to get a sense of where people are leaving the video and you can shape new strategies to keep your audience active in your videos.

What is engagement calculation?

The engagement calculation is based on both retention and views metrics, generating the value of the engagement calculation, that is, every single user interaction with the player, but retention gives you an overview of your video's score.

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Updated on: 04/11/2023

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