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How does Smart Autoplay work?

How does Smart Autoplay work?

We created this article to answer some questions about how Smart Autoplay works and how it differs from standard Autoplay. Also understand how it can help your business gain more engagement and reach more people.

What is the difference between Smart Autoplay and standard Autoplay?

The default Autoplay has the function of starting the video as soon as the user enters the page, however the video starts mute, this happens because it is already standard for video browsers with automatic start to have this blocking.

The difference ends up being this, with Smart Autoplay, the player will try to identify the possibility of the video starting automatically with sound.

Where can I configure this?

On your Dashboard, there are several configuration options that you can apply to your video, among them there is one called Smart Autoplay. it can be found.

In the settings within Smart Autoplay, you can configure it so that only conventional Autoplay works, or activate the function that identifies user interaction with the page and enables audio in the video.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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