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Welcome to Panda Video!

Hello, welcome to Panda Video!

We are a video hosting platform with various functionalities. We offer the best and most comprehensive player for VSL conversion and the highest security for hosting courses.

Here at Panda, we have the best cost-benefit for video hosting in the market. We offer comprehensive analytics that provides various metrics such as views, unique plays, retention charts, bandwidth charts, as well as information about user devices, browsers, and locations in real-time. Learn more about our Analytics

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Explaining Our Dashboard
Security Features Available in Panda Video
How to Import Videos?
How to Delete Videos?
Configuring Video Quality
How to Embed Videos?
Generating a Sharable Video Link


Smart AutoPlay: Makes the video start as soon as the person enters the page, increasing user retention.

Mute Indicator: Alerts the user that the video has already started and that they need to click to enable sound. Additionally, you can add a custom file for the Mute Indicator.

Fictitious Progress Bar: Another very interesting feature of Panda, the fictitious progress bar helps increase retention and, consequently, the conversion of your video. With it, you can create the illusion that the video will end soon, making the user pay more attention to the content.

Resume from Where You Left Off: Records the video's progress as it is watched. So when the user returns to the page, they can choose whether to continue from where they left off or start over.

Mini-Triggers: You can add mini-triggers to assist in decision-making at points in the video where many people abandon the content.

Buttons: In addition to all of this, you can include delayed buttons both inside and outside the video. You can configure the exact moment in the video when you want the button to appear.


At Panda Video, security is one of our top concerns. That's why we don't make the MP4 file available in the page's source code, and we have domain protection. This means the video will only play on the domain configured in the dashboard, under the "Security" menu, in "Allowed Domains." We also offer the option to add DRM (watermark) technology to your content to further track and protect your product. Learn more about DRM

Have Any Questions?

Just reach out to us in our support chat, and our team will do their best to address your questions or difficulties. Are you already using Panda Video? If not, know that both our player and our prices are unbeatable. If you're interested, take a look at our plans, and one of them may make sense for your product. As a bonus, you'll become one more "pandinha" (Panda's friend). 🐼

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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