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Transferring Vimeo Videos to Panda

How to transfer my Vimeo account to Panda?

The first step has been taken, you decided to leave Vimeo because you saw that one day your account may be blocked or because you realized that Vimeo videos can be downloaded easily by anyone. We are here to help you with this migration process.

If you're still unsure whether Panda Video is the way to go, don't worry. You can test the platform, including migrating some videos on the account during the trial period. No charge. It is worth testing the speed, video quality and, above all, the support in Portuguese that you will have here. We are here to be a differentiated platform, with everything you need for distance learning and digital marketing.

Google Chrome Extension

Vimeo makes several blocks to prevent videos from being transferred off the platform quickly. Therefore, we had to develop an extension for Google Chrome that facilitates this migration process. As there are constant blocks, our extension uses several proxy servers to try to speed up the migration as much as possible. From our tests, an account with 200 videos can take several hours. We've had clients migrating accounts with more than 5000 videos, without any major problems.

The extension was designed for you to leave the browser open and it will try to download all the chosen videos.

Download the Panda for Google Chrome extension.
After installation, just select the "Import" option, set the desired qualities and go to the "Vimeo" option on external platforms.
Open your Vimeo videos area (in list mode, not gallery mode) and next to the videos you will see a Panda icon
Choose videos individually or an entire folder to import
Watch the transfer progress in the extension window

The process is simple, but you need to leave the browser open for the process to complete.

Remember, it is expected to take many hours (or days) depending on the number and size of the videos. So, track the transfer of videos. If the high number of attempts appears, wait. It is the extension doing its work to complete the operation.

When can I start using downloaded videos?

During the migration you can already use the downloaded videos (once each one is completely converted). You can get the embed code from the extension itself, so this helps a lot in the platform transfer process. Of course this is a tedious process as you will need to change the embed code in your member areas but it is a necessary process to get rid of Vimeo.

See how it is safer to use Panda Videos than Vimeo.

Got any questions or want to know more?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do their best to solve your doubts or difficulties? Already use Panda Video? If not, know that both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you are interested, take a look at our plans, in this way, it may be that some of them make sense with your product and as a gift you will still become another little panda. 🐼

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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