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Security Features Available in Panda Video

Our Security Features

Security is a fundamental priority here at Panda Video, and we've implemented several important measures to protect your valuable content and infoproducts. We understand the importance of keeping your content secure and accessible only to those you authorize. In this article, we will highlight the key security features we offer on our platform to ensure the complete protection of your videos and courses. Understanding these security measures is essential for the peace of mind of content creators and their customers.

Here at Panda, we have various security measures to protect your content and infoproducts, see below:

We don't make the MP4 file available in the page's source code.
This means that the MP4 video file is not directly accessible or embedded in the HTML source code of the web page. Instead, the video can be securely embedded using methods that prevent users from directly accessing the MP4 file through the HTML source code of the page. This can be done to prevent unauthorized downloading of the video.

We have Domain Protection (the video will only play on the domain configured in the dashboard). Click here to read a full article about it.
Domain protection is a security measure that limits video playback to only the domain or site specified in the dashboard (control panel). This means the video can only be played on the site whose domain has been configured as authorized. Any attempt to play the video on an unauthorized domain will be blocked. This is useful to ensure that video content is restricted to your own site.

DRM Technology, watermark, in your content. (exclusive for course videos). Click here to read a full article about it.
DRM is a content protection technology that helps protect the copyrights of videos and other types of digital media. In the context of course videos, the use of DRM may involve encrypting the content to prevent unauthorized copies and using a watermark, which is a signal embedded in the video to identify the content's source. This helps track misuse and protect intellectual property.

Anti-Download (exclusive to the Gold plan) is a feature designed to make it difficult for users to download videos hosted on the platform. Click here to read a full article about it.
The Anti-Download feature is designed to make it difficult or prevent users from downloading videos hosted on the platform. This can be achieved through various techniques, such as disabling the download option, embedding additional security measures to make direct access to the video file more difficult, and implementing access restrictions on download resources. This feature is exclusive to Gold plan subscribers and is an additional security measure to protect content from unauthorized downloading.

The measures mentioned above are primarily aimed at protecting copyrights and the security of video content, ensuring that it is only accessible in a controlled and secure manner. Here at Panda Video, we take the security of your videos and courses seriously. The features mentioned in this article, such as domain protection, DRM technology, watermarking, and Anti-Download (exclusive to the Gold plan), are an integral part of our commitment to keeping your content protected from unauthorized access and misuse. If you would like more details about each of these features or how to configure them in your account, we provide links to informative articles right next to their respective descriptions. With Panda Video, you can have confidence that your content will be secure, allowing you to focus on creating and sharing the best possible content with your audience.

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Updated on: 10/03/2023

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