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Google Pixel ID

Google Pixel is a great resource to optimize your ads campaigns created with the Google Ads.

The Pixel is a Javascript code, which when inserted in your website, allows you to track some users' behaviors in your pages.

With the Google Pixel you can track the conversions in multiple devices, optimize your conversions, better target your audience and access your audience information such as location, demographics and most accessed devices.

To create a Google Pixel ID you just need to log in on your Google Ads Account, click the Google Ads tools icon in the upper-right corner, then click Audience Manager under the Shared Library section.

On the left, click Your Data Sources. A page will open showing a set of sources that can be used to create your data and audience segments.

In the “Google Ads tag” card, click Set up tag.
if you’ve already set up a tag, select Edit source from the 3-dot icon in the upper right of the “Google Ads tag” card.

Click Create and Continue.
This button will say Save and Continue for an existing tag.

Now you click on the first option.

Scroll bellow and now you have your own Google Pixel code.

Done, now you just need to click on Done button and you will have your ID generated by Google.

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Updated on: 10/05/2023

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