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Facebook Pixel ID

Facebook Pixel is a very useful feature to optimize ad campaigns created with Facebook Ads.

The Pixel is a JavaScript code that, when inserted into your website, allows you to track certain user behaviors within your pages.

With Facebook Pixel you can track conversions on multiple devices, optimize your conversions, better target your audience and access your audience information such as location, demographics and most accessed devices.

To create a Facebook Pixel ID simply login to your facebook, access your Event Manager:

Then click on the icon:

Connect Data Source and select Web:

Add a name for your Pixel and then click on Create Pixel button.

Mark the checkbox and then click on "Continue" button.

Now choose the second option and click on "Next" button. You can copy the numbers of your ID now or after if you want to.

To install the ID Facebook Pixel on Panda Video, just copy the ID, enter your Panda dashboard, select “Player” and paste the ID in Marketing.

Now just save your settings.

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Updated on: 10/03/2023

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