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Video taking too long to convert?

Is your video taking too long to convert?

We created this article to explain what it is and why it takes time to convert videos on your Dashboard. Whenever any video is uploaded to our Dashboard, two processes occur with video.

Upload which is sending the video to the web, the upload speed can vary depending on some aspects, things like slow internet, unstable network among other factors.

While the video conversion process is the process that formats the video to web format. That way, after the video is uploaded to the internet it needs to go through an encoding process to a format that is acceptable on the web.

Does my internet influence the conversion speed?

Not directly in the video conversion process, the conversion process ends up taking a few moments because it can have a very high number of requests, that is, many people uploading videos at the same time, thus generating a very large flow of data and creating some processes.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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