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How to improve video loading performance?

Improving loading performance

On sales pages we want the video to load faster and for that there are some ways to pre-load the necessary parts for the site, before the user realizes it. Thus, the video will run faster because the page will already be prepared. These are techniques called prebrowsing. For this, there are tags that the browser recognizes so that you can ask for faster loading.

The tags used for prebrowsing are:

dns-prefetch It tells the browser to already look up the hostname, saving time in the DNS request.
preconnect Makes the first part of the connection to the remote server, leaving the connection ready for data that will come soon after.
prefetch Already downloads the required content before being used.
prerender Already downloads and renders the content (CSS and other stuff), leaving it ready to be displayed.

It is important to say that the optimization tags are designed to be inserted in sales pages and not in members areas, as there is no way you can configure the page header tag <head>.
Either way, this feature is most sought after by digital marketers looking to place high-performance sales videos and our features like autoplay, dummy progress bar (to increase retention) and CTA buttons.

How does it work with Panda?

We already have the code ready with all the necessary files to improve the performance of your video loading. The tags provided there are unique to the specific video as they already point out which elements are needed to load the player and video pieces.

Just click on the "Performance" button within the video page to access the set of performance optimization tags.

Where do I put the performance optimization code?

It is important that these tags are at the beginning of the HTML code, more specifically in the <head> tag. Each CMS or plugins like Elementor can point to different places. Soon we will publish articles here for some more popular ones.

Got any questions or want to know more?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do their best to solve your doubts or difficulties? Already use Panda Video? If not, know that both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you are interested, take a look at our plans, in this way, it may be that some of them make sense with your product and as a gift you will still become another little panda. 🐼

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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