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How does it work and how to use the Mini-Triggers?

What are Mini-Triggers?

In this article I will explain how it works and how to use the Mini-Triggers. This is a feature that gives you the possibility to show messages to your viewers in the player. By that I mean that it is possible for you to make a message generating a mental trigger to help in decision-making at points where many people abandon the video, thus improving retention until the sales pitch.

How to configure the Mini-Triggers?

The Mini-Trigger works like a hook, it's very simple. To configure it, just after selecting a video, go to the Mini-Trigger functionality. After clicking on it, you will have the option of Add Mini-Trigger, within your Mini-Trigger settings you will have to add some information, such as:

Name of the Mini-Trigger;
Time you want it to appear on screen;

Note: If you are interested, you can also use animated gifs and images in general.

Finally, just 'Publish' your changes and check if it's the way you'd like! :D

Got any questions?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do everything possible to resolve your doubts or difficulties. Still not using Panda Video? In case you still don't know, both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you're interested, take a look at our plans, that way, you can see a plan that makes sense for you and that way you can also be part of Panda Videos.🐼

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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