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How to use Panda Video plugin in Elementor?

Understand how to use our plugin on your Elementor website

After the installation is done, a subject we talk about in this article. You must be wanting to learn and understand everything we offer within our plugin, right?
Well, in this article you will understand what we currently have available for our plugin and how to use it.

What features are available in the plugin?

Almost all of our native functions are already available for use by the plugin directly, they are these:

Smart Autoplay
Delay button
Player appearance
Dummy progress bar
Continue where you left off

All these player interaction options are already available from Elementor's side menu to be changed without the slightest difficulty.

How can I embed the video on my page?

Well, the video insertion can be done in a very simple way, you can either copy the embed code, the HSL link, or even the video page link in your Dashboard.

If you wanted to know how to install the plugin, just access this article where you will have the detailed installation process.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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