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How does the external videos feature works?

How does the external videos feature work?

Hello everything is fine? In this article, we will explain how to use the external videos feature. But before that, we need to explain some basic factors about using this resource, after all, the videos that will be shown will not be hosted on our platform, they will only be made available through our player.

What is the external videos feature?

This resource works as follows, as mentioned before, it is the possibility of delivering your videos from different sources using our player and some of its resources. It is therefore important to clarify that as the videos are not delivered by our hosting, we are not fully responsible for the delivery of these contents, only with the player's functionality and its controls.

In addition, as the videos are not in our database, as users watch, bandwidth will not be consumed. However, in order to measure the consumption of this functionality, we count the plays triggered by users as a billing metric. That is, for each plan a specific amount of possible plays will be made available. As:

Bronze: 100k plays
Silver: 250k plays
Gold: 500k plays
Trial: 5k plays

IMPORTANT: It is very important to make it clear that the delivery of the videos is not associated with us, that is, in case of crashes, crashes or various problems related to the delivery of the content, you must contact the company or platform that is making the delivery. hosting this material for you.

How to use?

To use this feature it is very easy just go to add a new link, in the pop-up that will open just click on Link:

After that, just select the platform hosting your video:

After selecting the platform and inserting the requested information in the modal, you will go to the external link page:

After all this process, feel free to embed your videos in the pages that are available, insert embed codes and that's it.

Unfortunately, with the use of external links, you end up having some disadvantages and I will explain what they are:

Speed quality not guaranteed
Only compatible with some sales page websites
It is not possible to enable the DRM security
It is not possible to add subtitles through the dashboard.
It is not possible to control the qualities.
It is not possible to have the progress thumbnail.

Got any questions or want to know more?

Just call us in our support chat and our team will do their best to solve your doubts or difficulties? Already use Panda Video? If not, know that both our player and our prices are unbeatable, if you are interested, take a look at our plans, in this way, it may be that some of them make sense with your product and as a gift you will still become another little panda. 🐼

Updated on: 06/24/2024

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