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What is Anti-Download and how does it work?

What is Anti-Download?

Anti-Download is an advanced protection feature offered by the Panda Video platform. With this new feature, it's possible to block the use of programs and browser extensions that can download videos from any page on the Internet. This way, you can further protect your content. Once activated, all your videos will automatically become more protected. This technology allows content creators to add an extra layer of protection against attempts to download their videos. It's important to note that, although Anti-Download makes the downloading process more challenging, it's not an absolutely foolproof solution. However, it's a valuable tool for online course instructors, exclusive content creators, and companies wishing to restrict access to their audiovisual materials.

How Anti-Download Works

When a video is set up to use Anti-Download on the Panda Video platform, the feature works to hinder any attempt to download the content by viewers. The Anti-Download technology acts as an additional security layer, making the process of downloading the hosted video more challenging.

Upon enabling Anti-Download for a video, the Panda Video platform uses advanced techniques to detect and hinder any attempt to download the content through extensions, programs, or tools. This protection helps ensure that only authorized access to the video is possible.

Availability and Costs

Anti-Download is a feature exclusive to the Gold plan of the Panda Video platform. Users on the Gold plan can use this feature at no additional cost, providing an extra layer of protection for their videos without any additional budget concerns.

User Experience

If someone tries to download a video that has the Anti-Download option active, they will see a message indicating that downloading is not allowed. To get an idea of how this works in practice, you can test with the video on our home page, which has Anti-Download enabled.

When trying to download one of the videos with the Anti-Download option active, the video will display this message:

Warning Message


Anti-Download is a valuable feature offered by the Panda Video platform, designed to hinder attempts to download videos hosted on the platform. With this additional layer of security, content creators can have more peace of mind regarding the protection of their audiovisual materials.

For those looking to enhance the security of their content, Anti-Download is an excellent choice, especially for users of the Panda Video Gold plan. If you wish to protect your videos and get more information about Anti-Download and other features offered by Panda Video, please contact our support team. Try Panda Video and add an extra layer of protection to your valuable audiovisual content! 🐼

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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