How does the Panda Extension work?

Panda Video is revolutionizing the way you manage and distribute online video content. With our new extension, available to all users, organizing and importing videos have become easy and quick tasks. Here is a guide on how to make the most of this powerful tool.

Log In and Organize with Ease

Start by logging into the extension using your Panda Video account. Once connected, you'll have an overview of all your videos. Creating and managing folders is intuitive—your videos will all be there.

Direct Video Import

The extension allows for two main ways to import videos into your account:

CSV Import: If you have a list of videos hosted on Vimeo, simply prepare a CSV file with the links to the videos. Our extension will facilitate the mass import of these contents to your Panda Video account.

Import from External Platforms: With the Panda Video extension, you can easily import videos from Vimeo and Hotmart directly into your account. This feature saves time and effort by centralizing your video resources in one place.

Video Quality Control

One of the most notable aspects of the extension is the ability to select the qualities in which the video will be converted during the import. This means you can optimize your videos for different platforms and bandwidth needs, ensuring your audience has the best possible viewing experience.

Learn More About Specific Imports

We understand that you may need detailed information for specific import processes. Therefore, we have prepared dedicated guides to make it even easier:

- For Vimeo users: Check out our detailed article on how to import videos from Vimeo to Panda Video.
- For Hotmart users: We also have a step-by-step guide for importing videos from Hotmart.

We hope this article has clarified how our extension can help simplify the management of your videos. For further assistance or questions, please contact our support through the Crisp Helpdesk. We are always ready to help!

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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