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Panda IA: Mind Map

Explore a unique approach to studying your videos with the Mind Map feature. Now, our system analyzes the entire video content and creates mind maps, making it easier to understand the subject matter covered in your video. This tool is a powerful ally for your students to comprehend and review the presented material. This technique combines the analytical capacity of artificial intelligence with the graphical representation of mind maps, providing a valuable tool for understanding and retaining content.

Steps to access the Mind Map menu:

Open the Dashboard
Click on the Videos tab
Select the desired video with 2 clicks
Within Player > Panda IA, click on "activate," using your credits (activation requires the use of 1 credit per minute)
Click on "Mind Map" and enable the switch.

IMPORTANT: The counting will be rounded up and considered as the next full minute for billing purposes. For example, if the duration of your video is 1:01, it will be considered as 2 minutes.

By following these simple steps, your Mind Map will be automatically generated and will be available in the video, accessible through the "AI" button. You have the option to explore the mind map using your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out, and by holding down the mouse button and dragging, you can easily navigate through the map.

You will also have the option to interact with the video: by clicking on a specific area of the mind map, you will be instantly directed to the corresponding point in the video, facilitating access to the topics covered!

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Updated on: 02/07/2024

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