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Panda AI: Quiz/Questions

Panda AI: Quiz/Questions

The traditional approach to learning through video viewing is evolving into a more interactive and participatory format. With the Questions feature, our AI comes into play, generating multiple-choice quizzes designed to complement the video content. This approach goes beyond the passivity of viewing, encouraging students to actively engage with the material, testing and solidifying their knowledge.

The quizzes are tailored to the specific theme of the video, ensuring direct relevance to the content studied. This not only strengthens understanding but also creates a deeper connection between the student and the material, making learning more meaningful. Students have the opportunity to assess their own performance, identify areas for improvement, and reinforce key concepts.

Adding a Quiz to Your Video

This promising synergy between technology and education not only enhances the quality of learning but also provides new engaging ways to involve students in the educational process. Don't miss out on this! To add a quiz to your video, it's quite simple, just follow these steps:

Open the Dashboard
Click on the Videos tab
Select the desired video with 2 clicks
Within Player > Panda IA, click on "activate," using your credits (activation requires the use of 1 credit per minute)
Click on "Quiz" and enable the switch.

IMPORTANT: The count will be rounded up and considered as the next complete minute for billing purposes. For example, if the duration of your video is 1:01, it will be considered as 2 minutes.

Done! After following these simple steps, your personalized quiz will be generated automatically and will be easily accessible in the video, located in the "AI" button.

The system provides instant feedback, highlighting whether the selected answer is correct or incorrect. This approach reinforces active learning, encouraging students to engage more deeply with the material and enhance their understanding of the content.

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Updated on: 02/07/2024

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