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Panda AI: Ebook

Panda AI: Ebook

In an increasingly digital educational landscape, the need to provide complementary resources and effective study guides becomes crucial. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Panda introduces the Ebook feature. This tool not only synthesizes the main topics of a video but also offers detailed text, providing students with a valuable source to deepen their understanding of the subjects covered.

The Ebook serves as a comprehensive study guide, offering a detailed reference that students can revisit as needed. Moreover, accessibility is a strong point of this feature. The generated Ebooks can be easily distributed digitally, allowing students to access the material anytime, anywhere. This enables a more flexible and personalized approach for the student.

Adding an Ebook to Your Video:

The Panda's Artificial Intelligence generates a comprehensive text that reflects the key topics of the video. This feature not only condenses information in a clear and concise manner but also provides a valuable opportunity for educators to make supplementary material available to their students. Don't miss out! To add an ebook to your video, it's straightforward, just follow these steps:

Open the Dashboard
Click on the Videos tab
Select the desired video with 2 clicks
Within Player > Panda IA, click on "activate," using your credits (activation requires the use of 1 credit per minute)
Click on "E-book" and enable the switch.

IMPORTANT: The count will be rounded up and considered as the next full minute for billing purposes. For example, if the duration of your video is 1:01, it will be considered as 2 minutes.

After these simple steps, your e-book will be generated automatically. Once created, it will be readily available.

This new dimension of interaction not only enriches the learning experience but also empowers students to explore and understand the material more comprehensively, promoting a more engaging and personalized learning experience. To access the created e-book, simply click on the "AI" button located at the bottom of the video.

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Updated on: 02/07/2024

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