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How does the Playback Speed (Turbo) feature works and how do you activate it at Panda?

What is the Turbo feature?

Turbo is an innovative feature that allows you to set a specific playback speed for your videos directly in your Dashboard. With Turbo, you can ensure that your audience watches the content at a predetermined speed, optimizing the delivery of your message and enhancing the user experience.

How to activate Turbo?

To activate the Turbo functionality and set a specific playback speed for your videos, follow these simple steps:

Access your Dashboard: Login into your acount and go to the control panel;
Go to the videos tab: Find the video you want to edit and double click it;
Find the functionality at "Advanced": Look for the "Playback Speed (Turbo)" option;
Define the wanted playback speed: Choose the playback speed for the video;
Save the settings: After selecting your desired configurations, remember to save your changes to apply them.

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Updated on: 04/18/2024

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