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How does the Panda's affiliate program works?

Explaining Panda Video's Afilliate System

Our Affiliate Program is a simple, yet efficient, system that allows you earning commissions through well-succeeding indications and through the expansion of our affiliates network.

In this article, we'll explain how Panda's Affiliate Program works, how to take full advantage of this oportunity and how to withdraw your commissions and start earning money with it.

Signing up to the Affiliate Program

When you sign up to Panda's affiliate program, your account is automatically linked to an exclusive referral link. This link is the key to start earning commissions. When someone signup to our platform using your referral link, you'll earn a commission equals to 10% of their invoice, and this will go for 12 months.

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Besides that, you also have the opportunity to earn additional commissions recruting others afilliates. When an affiliate that you recruited generate commissions, you'll earn 3% of this commission as a reward. This creates an affiliate network where everyone can benefits mutually.

Process of Withdrawing Comissions

To request the withdrawal of your commission, please contact our Support Team providing the following information:

1* The email address associated with your affiliate account;

2* A screenshot of your dashboard clearly displaying the details of the commission to be withdrawn;

3* Specify the desired payment method (for example, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, among others) along with the necessary information to process the payment, such as account number, key, associated email address with PayPal and etc.

Our Support Team will be ready to assist you in completing the commissions withdrawal process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Don't waste the chance to monetize your contacts network with Panda Video's Affiliate Program and expand your earnings. Be strategic with your indications and recruitment of new affiliaes to maximize your earnings!

We thank you for being part of our team and wish you success on Panda Videos's Affiliate Program.

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Any Questions?

We are here to provide all support you might need. Don't hesitate on contacting us if you have any questions or need clarifications. We are ready to provide the necessary support so that you have a good and smooth experience using Panda! Your sactisfation is fudamental for us, and we are ready to help anytime!

Updated on: 04/11/2024

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